Retro and modern - Lana del Rey

Her music is retro and modern at the same time, far away from mainstream. It carries melancholia and hope. Lana del Rey's non-perfect voice is more about narration than technical skills. Her success began on Youtube, what is apparently the trend as we've seen also with Gotye.


  1. i´m a huge fan of lana del rey, especially the song born to die is so touching and i really can´t get enough of it, it means a lot of talent to set free so strong feelings with a single song..
    love and kiss,mary

  2. I <3 HER!!! My fav. so far from her is Blue Jeans :) Something about her voice .. I could seriously listen to her all day!

  3. one of the best things about this girl is her artistic name, I really love it!

    See you!