Lena Hoschek: Somewhere in México

Lena Hoschek The Piñatas over the catwalk made us guess already that the spring/summer 2013 show from the austrian designer Lena Hoschek was bristled with mexican and folkloristic flavour. Lena Hoschek Lena Hoschek Lena Hoschek Lena Hoschek Lena Hoschek

"Burn the witch, burn the witch" it's whizzing...and the horror show begins. The stomping sound of the "Queens of the Stoneage's" "No one knows" is introducing the show. Folkloristic details, embroidery and sharp contrast - lovely ruffles are competing with stitched guns - are the main themes of the collection. Black and white, blood red, and hot mexican colour-mixes are predominantly. The rough make up of the models remembers to skulls. The masquerade refers to the "Dia de los Muertos" ("Day of the Death") celebrated in Mexico at November 2. On top Lena Hoschek appears with an affixed moustache. Great show - loved it!

Lena Hoschek


  1. freut mich das sie dir gefallen:)

  2. OMG love this post !!

    Really interesting their faces I love it !!

    And I so want a pinata for my birthday now :P

    Love your blog girl thank you so much for your comment I will definitely follow you !!



  3. Dresses are fantastic, especially white!

  4. great photos, thank you for your comment! x


  5. Show looks great, and it all looks wearable as well (for me anyway!), plus I can't say no to a stick on moustache! Just letting you know, as you used to be a follower of mine a good 6 months ago, that I have finally re-started my blog since the burglary incident, and I'd love for you to have a look at it! I'm trying to get back on my blogging feet as it were :) thanks!

  6. Super tolle Sachen !!!