MBFWB A/W14 | Rebecca Ruétz "Black Diamonds"

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The A/W 2014 collection of the talented austrian designer Rebecca Ruétz showed of with a perfect balanced range from daily wear to glamourous but cool evening gowns with couture-like sequins and trains. Main themes were big winter coats: the petrol coat will be the it-piece of the autumn/winter 2014 season with its cape-cut, the volouminous wool-material and the lapel collar with leather details.
Another standing-out subject of the collection were the heavy knits, mainly in black with interesting contrasts like leather, silk and sequins. Rebecca Ruétz ist for me the specialist when it comes to bold contrasts like wool and leather. For daily wear she proposed leather slim pants and a long sleeveless waistcoat in white. The colour range was very clear in black, white and dark petrol blue.
The black diamonds showed themselves in the form of hundreds of gemstones straight from the alps. Even if they are showpieces, I would love to wear the bold leather belts or better to say constructions from leather and gemstones the models wear around their hips and chest..

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